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Our Story

Our team members have spent the better part of the last decade developing a series of products that can revolutionize the power generation, storage and consumption patterns globally. 


After extensive research and innovative teamwork with our team in Houston and our technical partners in China, Bess Bedrock Power has developed these products in conjunction with one of the five largest battery manufacturers in the world and the second largest in China. 


These products are multi-source (electric, solar, generator, turbine, etc.) and can feed off AC & DC current.  They can output power at both 110V and 220V levels. 


These devices allow you to store power off-grid and can hold a charge for up to 6 months.  They are quick charging and can be used a generators as well as batteries for solar applications. 


Let Bess Bedrock Power show you how to harness UNINTERUPTED POWER!! 

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