Bedrock Cares Initiative pledges to be the helping vessel for our courageous veterans as the transition back to civilian life and realize their full potential.  We provide not just housing, but also counseling, career development and continuous support.  We support veterans to gain and maintain sustainable jobs and living.  Through intensive case management and collaboration with the VA, we want to make self-sufficient members of the community through nurture compassion, companionship, reinforcement & encouragement. 




The veteran transitional housing program houses 2 veterans per room.  Each room will have a fridge & microwave.  There will be shared commons and communal areas.  Spaces around the facility will allow residents to study, for entertainment & leisure activities.  The program has vans available for transportation to and from appointments.  Many will have to commute back and forth to the VA facilities and other facilities around the Houston metro area.  



  • Housing (Transitional to Permanent)

    • 2-person rooms w/ Fridge & Microwave

    • Breakfast                    Exercise Room              Swimming Pool                      Laundry Facility

  • Programs

    • Morning Stretching with Ryan                  Board Games, Cards, Puzzles & Dominos             Monthly Appreciation/Birthdays

  • Aiding in Applying for all Entitled Benefits

  • Counseling / Health & Wellness

  • Makeovers & Grooming

  • Hospital to Housing Services

  • Career Placement

  • Trade Schools

    • Plumbing/Electrician                Welding                                   Truck Driving (DCL)                  Culinary Arts

    • Auto Mechanics                        Cosmetology & Barber          Technology (IT)                         Software Training

  • Job Shadowing / Apprenticeships          

  • Life Skills



  • Legal Counseling & Credit Repair                         Financial education & training                           Mental Health

  • Food Pantry                                                             Dress for Success Program



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